Fullstack Developer

Cradle is a recently launched music tech startup looking for a backend-leaning Fullstack Developer. We’re a small yet globally distributed bunch of friendly music nerds who work part-time and full-time. In an average day at Cradle, you’ll perform code-reviews, fix well-scoped bugs, help plan and scope larger features, and pair-program with existing team members. The Distribution side of Cradle Engineering is responsible for the website/e-commerce, product distribution infrastructure, and the user and licensing APIs. The application stack consists of an API and an accounts service written in NodeJS, an integration with OpenID Connect for authentication, a Postgres backend, and a WordPress instance with some custom plugins. Our application has comprehensive test coverage, and we perform weekly releases from Heroku and WPEngine.

Ideally, you have:

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To apply, send your resume/CV to hiring@cradle.app along with a blurb about you and what you’re looking for.