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State Machine Faded Keys's user interface

A new take on nostalgic sounds

  • An expansive collection of acoustic, analog and digital keys
  • 190 presets of mix-ready keys spanning four decades
  • A curated collection of audio and MIDI effects that perfectly complement Faded Keys
  • Intuitive design to keep you in your creative flow

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November Eve

A classic, soothing lo-fi hip-hop track, featuring a nostalgic piano lead courtesy of the Cornish Piano preset. Additional State Machine products have been integrated to infuse the track with expansive ambient textures and fortify the rhythm.

Church Organ

An exuberant, pop-infused track showcasing a palette of distinctive factory presets: a luminous organ using Forest Choir, a reverberant electric piano from 78 Binaural, and an engaging arpeggio from Rainbow Road.

Aerial Waves

Soaring, weightless ambient music constructed using a combination of elements from Faded Keys & Slow Drift. Presets like Luxury Apartments & Sub Dark Tines form the body of the track, with subtle pitch bend and delay processing adding a warm vintage glow.

Friendly Lead (preset)

A pure fragile lead tone covered in lush reverb. Single instance of Faded Keys. No additional processing.

Lowered 5th Organ (preset)

Wobly rich organ chords with a retro charm. Single instance of Faded Keys. No additional processing.

Metro Errea (preset)

Noisy house piano chord stabs. Single instance of Faded Keys. No additional processing.

Vanilla Piano (preset)

An intimate piano recording with subtle synth layers. Single instance of Faded Keys. No additional processing.

Hot Ray (preset)

Only playing a single note a time, the chord module is adding rich harmonic content to this melodic percussion sample.

Luxury Apartments (preset)

Lush, noisy synth chords. Single instance of Faded Keys. No additional processing.

Fifth Piano Arp (preset)

A single note is generating a full arp pattern of this processed piano sample. Single instance of Faded Keys. No additional processing.

An introduction to Faded Keys

Resident sound designer Matt takes you through the features of our State Machine instruments.

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Give your favorite sounds a new edge

Faded Keys is the ultimate collection of quintessential keys, encompassing four decades of nostalgic and vintage sounds.

While the essence of these nostalgic sounds is preserved, you can seamlessly integrate layers from different eras to create something truly distinct.

Close up of Faded Keys' interface

Modern tools to refine & redesign

Chord and scale controls
Faded Keys' arpeggiator dial

Faded Keys has a slew of MIDI effects including an arpeggiator, chord generator and scale lock feature.

With these powerful tools you can elevate basic concepts into complex hooks, adding depth and intrigue to your compositions.

The full spectrum

Faded Keys’ wide tonal palette covers a broad range including expertly captured acoustic instruments, reimagined mellotrons and lo-fi synths.

With 190 presets that mix and meld 100+ source sounds together you can find the ideal sound to shape your next production.

Mix and meld 100+ presets
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