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Strings from beyond the warp

  • An eclectic assortment of acoustic and synth string textures
  • 200 presets of otherworldly string sounds
  • A curated collection of audio and midi effects that perfectly complement Weird Strings
  • Intuitive design to keep you in your creative flow

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Droid Factory

A gritty track infused with an early-2000s vibe. Featuring the dynamic blend of the Ominous Cloud and Mega 1 sample sets, combined with the evocative Underwater Waving preset, the track delivers a relentless bass lead. The dramatic bridge section features the bright, chant-like timbre of Vintage Aurora and Underworld Shimmer presets, adding depth and intensity. Water Inferno risers punctuate the track, enhancing its powerful progression.

Two Step

Chord and Arpeggiator MIDI FX introduce an initial shimmering riff, soon accompanied by a stilted beat and a droning, blown-out Betamax Autopsy preset. From this distorted foundation, a deep soak of harmony and melody arrives courtesy of Stellar Symphonies, Dead Seeds, Harmonic Drone and Highway Gridlock presets.


Timeless liquid drum & bass with some electro quirks, running at 164bpm. Iguana Nights sets a soothing orchestral tone from the outset, punctuating by the jaunty plucks of Ghosts of Banquo. Upper harmonies are provided by the Tape Deprecation & gated Prog Wonder presets, before the track leans into a subterranean groove steered by a combo of the subby Slick Eugene & bright mids of Runaway Acid.

Mythical Creatures (Preset)

Another cinematic patch. A full string ensemble playing a whole tone trill processed through a sweeping filter. Single instance of Weird Strings. No additional processing.

Soft Tape (Preset)

A sweet chord sequence sounding like it's coming out of one of those tape-based samplers of a bygone era. Single instance of Weird Strings. No additional processing.

Slick Eugene Third (Preset)

A bass patch made of a synth layer and spiccato ensemble a major third away from one another. Single instance of Weird Strings. No additional processing.

Radio Drama (Preset)

A solo melody that sounds like it's coming out of a gramophone. Single instance of Weird Strings. No additional processing.

Tasty Drops (Preset)

Plucked strings and pads make for another fun hybrid patch. Single instance of Weird Strings. No additional processing.

Divine Pizzicato (Preset)

A playful melody played on a hybrid patch made of bartok pizzicato recordings layered with a synth pad. Single instance of Weird Strings. No additional processing.

Courageous Drift (Preset)

A cinematic pad made of fragile string ensemble recordings and noisy effects. Single instance of Weird Strings. No additional processing.

An introduction to State Machine

Resident sound designer Matt takes you through the features of our State Machine instruments.

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Everything from the weird to the wonderful

Weird Strings offers a wide range of meticulously captured string ensembles, vintage synths and physically modelled sounds, adding a varied palette of textures to your production toolbox.

From ghostly drones to expressive trills, Weird Strings is filled with sounds that will inspire and transform your next song.

The Weird Strings visualizer

Embrace the unexpected

Close up of Weird Strings' effects dials

Weird Strings is filled with a vast array of tools to help you find your next creative spark. Use the built-in tape emulation to add a touch of nostalgia, or the other audio effects to bring a lush depth to your sound design.

Manipulate and experiment with your melodies utilising the extensive range of MIDI effects allowing for quick and complex transformations.

Weird Strings' MIDI effects dials

Care in every consideration

Audio Imperia
Weird Strings presets list

Weird Strings was made possible through our collaboration with Audio Imperia, a team dedicated to creating world-class compositional tools, crafted from meticulous recordings by world-class musicians.

Esoteric electronic textures are paired with an expertly captured array of acoustic performances from warm, rich, sustained sounds to unconventional and extended articulations. With 70 source sounds, and 200 presets at your disposal you’ll always have a plethora of inspiring sounds to explore.

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