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The Art of Mixing

Fifteen-time Grammy® winner, Jaycen Joshua is one of the most sought-after mix engineers in the industry.

From Beyoncé and BTS to Rosalía and Jay-Z, Jaycen’s credits span multiple genres, cementing his name as a true craftsman of sound.

Light-years Ahead

Jaycen’s unrivaled passion for music and engineering has consistently pushed the bounds of music production.

His attention to detail and intuitive approach to mixing inspired The God Particle — the only plug-in you’ll find on Jaycen’s mix bus.

“When you’re selfless while creating, and all you’re thinking about is the art, your mind becomes more open to newer and fresher ideas.”

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Close up of The God Particle's amount dial

Add Mass to Your Mix

Jaycen and our team at Cradle spent three years refining every detail of The God Particle — from harmonic algorithms to UI functionality, no stone was left unturned in our pursuit.

With the mission to completely replace every aspect of Jaycen’s analog workflow, hundreds of hours were spent in the research and development phase of creating The God Particle.

Together, we not only emulated these processes, but improved on them too.

Accelerate your Workflow

Don’t let The God Particle’s hypnotic visuals deceive you, there is an intricate universe at work beneath the surface.

By removing a range of technical chores, The God Particle enables musicians, producers, and mix-engineers to focus on their creative process without speed limits.

All in the Box

The God Particle has a multitude of processing algorithms under the hood giving depth, detail, and clarity to your next mix.

Coupled with the adaptive limiter section, you can be certain your dynamics and transients will be preserved, all while achieving competitive commercial loudness.

Stay on Target

Precise gain staging is a vital ingredient of well-engineered and well-mixed records.

Using Jaycen’s input and gain reduction targets you can rest assured your mix will be both dynamic and loud with a well-balanced EQ response.

The God Particle interface details
The God Particle interface detail

Don't Touch a Thing

By default, The God Particle’s settings are exactly how Jaycen has them set on every single one of his mixes since 2021.

Stay fully focused on your creative process, while Jaycen’s world-class engineering keeps your master channel locked in.

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