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A free XP boost for your music

  • A completely free instrument from Cradle
  • Authentic sounds from retro game systems and vintage computers
  • 40 presets of inspiring chiptune sounds
  • A curated collection of audio and MIDI effects that perfectly complement BitFlip

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154 Cruise

Lofi Snare and Kick Drum presets provide a simple rhythmic backbone, allowing Rare Cartridge, Secret Lair, Kode Nine and Boards of Bitendo presets amongst others to glide and stutter, evoking classic computer game soundtracks with a hint of nostalgia.

Space Runner

By Paul Maurer. The Frantic Escape arpeggio drives the track, while altering fingerings for switch up the melody. The Fuzzy Wobbler preset adds a bitcrushed triangle bass tone. Rising Saga pad chords create a backdrop for square wave solo leads, leading to the finale.

Sun Eyed

A lively ride through a fast-paced, uplifting track. The Retro Resonance preset contributes the main lead, occasionally mingling with Frantic Escape arpeggios, while Happy Cloud and Glistening Drops infuse sparkling and plucky sounds. Quick PowerUp fuels retro breakdowns, Kode Nine lays down the bassline, and Extra Life introduces expansive pads.

Kid Hyper's Lullaby

By Paul Maurer. This track only features presets from BitFlip. Fantasy Flute arp shifts between arpeggiator speeds, complemented by Dreamy Triangles lead. Hyrule Lament pad elevates, while Kick Drum & Echo Snare set the beat. Busted Squares bass joins, pausing for the Extra Life pad, then fading.

Trappist Blocks

The ethereal tones of the Fantasy Flute preset steals the spotlight, with Busted Squares adding a gritty, pulsating undertone. Additional layers emerge as the Minor Sweep, Digital Babylon, and Ancient Spirit presets contribute arpeggio and pad sounds, resulting in a modern composition with a distinctly retro feel.

Rare Cartridge (Preset)

A pretty chord sequence covered in aliased delay tails. Single instance of BitFlip. No additional processing.

Extra Life (Preset)

A preset featuring BitFlip's chord effect. A monophonic line produces a series of overlapping chords. Single instance of BitFlip. No additional processing.

Fantasy Flute (Preset)

The arpeggiator in action. Single instance of BitFlip. No additional processing.

Stereo Waves (Preset)

Moody chords held for a while to let the filter movement shine. Single instance of BitFlip. No additional processing.

Frantic Escape (Preset)

Another example featuring the arpeggiator. Single instance of BitFlip. No additional processing.

An introduction to State Machine

Resident sound designer Matt takes you through the features of our State Machine instruments.

Download Cradle Hub to get State Machine BitFlip
Download Cradle Hub to get State Machine BitFlip

BitFlip is free and ready to make your tracks OP!

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It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this.

From chiptune and game OSTs, to EDM and grime, BitFlip was inspired by a multitude of genres that embrace the wonderful world of 8-bit sounds.

Whether you are looking to recreate a classic soundtrack or add some retro textures to your next song BitFlip is your weapon of choice.

It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this.

↑, ↑, ↓, ↓, ←, →, ←, →, B, A, Start

A close up of BitFlips appregiator dial

BitFlip is the cheat code you’ve been looking for. Packed full of MIDI effects to animate your next musical idea. From the arpeggiator to chord generator you won’t be short of new avenues to explore.

Featuring a broad range of audio effects, sound design is on easy mode with BitFlip. Add pixelated textures with four styles of lo-fi reverb, or grind the sounds even further with the bitcrusher.

BitFlip's effects settings

Ready to start your journey?

We partnered with 8UP to load BitFlip full of authentic 8-bit sounds, captured from a variety of retro gaming systems and vintage computers.

With 40 presets, and 20 source sounds to blend and shape there is a whole universe of possibilities to discover. Oh… and did we mention, it’s free?

BitFlip presets by 8UP
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