State Machine Low End



State Machine Low End's user interface

A modern bass engine

  • A broad palette of analog, digital and organic bass textures
  • 190 presets of mix-ready modern bass sounds
  • A curated collection of audio and MIDI effects that perfectly complement Low End
  • Intuitive design to keep you in your creative flow

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Brain Dance

An enigmatic IDM-leaning track packed full of contradictions: hectic yet spacious; reflective in mood yet racing firmly forward. Multiple layered versions of Chemical Arp give the track a fast-morphing dynamism, with Cinematic Score, Mars Colony and Heaven Scent among the several Faded Keys patches used to augment and flavour the track as it progresses.

Atmos Electronic

A gentle introduction breaks out into a hyperactive arpeggio, propelled by an unrelenting Low End bass pulse. This track makes use of State Machine's flexible and approachable MIDI FX to augment a selection of factory presets across the product range.


Distorted and unstable textures create an air of tension, incorporating a number of factory presets from Low End. Other State Machine products are introduced to add a subtle melodic counterpart as the track progresses.


An immersive synthwave track evoking the 80s retro charm. 'Dirty Fifth' and 'Juno Mod' presets set the rhythm, while other State Machine products refine the track progression via nostalgic electric piano leads and spacious pads.

Fuzzy 808 (preset)

A tuned 808 full of character. Single instance of Low End. No additional processing.

Brass Stutter (preset)

An animated 808-brass hybrid. Single instance of Low End. No additional processing.

Cine Drone (preset)

Super heavy drone that's about to break up. Single instance of Low End. No additional processing.

Suber Broken (preset)

Some super distorted aggressive riffage. Single instance of Low End. No additional processing.

Ominous Drone (preset)

Menacing, slow drone. Single instance of Low End. No additional processing.

West Coast Chimes (preset)

Single note in. Something that could have come out of a modular system. Single instance of Low End. No additional processing.

An introduction to Low End

Resident sound designer Matt takes you through the features of our State Machine instruments.

The foundation for your next production

State Machines have been designed from the ground up to keep you in your creative flow and Low End is no exception.

Boasting a captivating range of bass sounds, from gritty 808s to warm analog synths, Low End’s diverse sonic palette will undoubtedly spark inspiration in your next production.

Low End Logo

All bases covered

Low End's effects dials

The presets alone give you a huge range of choice, but there are an array of tools and effects waiting to be explored.

Explore the world of MIDI manipulation, utilizing features like scale lock and a powerful arpeggiator. Need more? Layer on a multitude of audio effects to infuse your sound design with unique character.

Dirty. Subby. Clean. And everything in between.

Low End's preset list

From faithful emulations to abstract textural soundscapes, our collection of 190 presets offers a diverse array of sounds to trigger your creative ideas.

With over 100 source samples at your disposal – including FM synths, organic instruments, aggressive metallic hits, and digital textures – you’ll always have an abundance of fresh sounds to mould, delve into, and personalize til your heart’s content.

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